Online Paper Publishing Journals

2 Aug

Research in any field of engineering, science, management, etc. needs validation by publishing in an international journal.  Young scholars search for Online Paper Publishing Journals needs some guidance from mentors to filter good journals before submitting content for review. This article helps researchers who are new to the field of publication and have no experience or guidance for getting online research paper submission and publication.

  1. Journals name should be verified by the ISSN portal, having a valid eight-character unique Id for electronic publication.
  2. Journal should have more than five volumes and it should be a monthly or bi-monthly journal.
  3. Each issue of volume should have few published papers.
  4. The publication should be done by more than one country, as some journals are dedicated to work for some universities only.
  5. Authors’ guidelines should be mention in journals for publication or submission.
  6. Publication charges or article processing fees should be mention clearly on-site with a limit of pages and authors. As some of the international journals charge as per the number of authors, pages, figures.
  7. It should also notice that journals provide digital certificates to the authors (Free or paid). All authors get separate certificates or common certificate issues for all.
  8. Article review time is also an important factor for the scholars as some of the journals take a month to process a paper, so review time should be known to the author before paper submission.
  9. Journal paper submission is either online or taken by email id. Submission through for is desirable for the scholars as this looks more professional.
  10. Finally, journal format needs to be checked by authors to reduce the publication time of the paper, as some of the editors like paper if the content is in format.

As scholars get confused when they cross-check such list of a journals so I share one journal on the same page that fulfills all sets of the above points. I request people to consult their mentor before publishing the paper as sometimes the mentor/guide has some other requirement so the journal may meet such. Writing a paper is always a tough task for beginners so try to write content in your own words do not copy from relevant articles. As the chance of paper, rejection increases at the initial stage due to high plagiarism. Try to be specific and clear about your model, techniques, finding. In the end publication in good age (more than 5 years old) journal is ways appreciated.

Journals for Final Year Project

24 Jun

The final year of graduation is an important state of student life. Scholars are preparing projects for improving their skills and knowledge. Some college students have to publish project/research work in reputed journals. So selection of journals for final year project paper publishing is another important part of final year students. To increase the understanding of the journals selections following major points are need to cross-check:

Article Processing Charges for Publication

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  1. Always publish a paper in an international journal only. Try to avoid conference and print journals.
  2. Journal sites should have proper options like Paper submission, Contact Us, Archives, etc.
  3. International journals have valid ISSN number, it’s an eight character ID issued by portal issn org
  4. Scholars should consult with journals before submitting paper-like review time, publication charges, processing charges, number of authors, number of pages max/min limit.
  5. Area of publication is also important as many journals publish content in a specific field of the research area, so submitting in those is time waste.
  6. Always check the life of the journal it should be five years old or above, as the editor team is seriously working on this kind of journal.
  7. Check a number of publications in a volume issue of the journal, some journals publish very few papers 4 or 5, so submission in such journal is again a time waste.
  8. Review time of paper is crucial for final year students because students need fast publication to complete their degree.
  9. Scholar has to show digital certificates to the college/ university so before submission be confirm that certificates were an issue or not. Some journals take charges for the same as per the number of candidates in the paper.

This searching task of students/scholars, get improve by the above set of basic features for selection or rejection of journal. Mentor suggestion is important for the selection of journals for final year students. They should keep a list of journals for such type of publication to help students. The student also needs to show a final paper copy to the mentor before the publication of content as a mentor sometimes takes objection to the same. Publishing final year project is always a process of project validation as well., Final year project paper publication is a time taken for students who have poor writing skills. Journals never publish a project with code or document file so project publication journals are their, scholar has to develop a paper as per research project and search journals online project and project paper publication.

How to Publish a Research Paper in International Journal

31 Mar

The mentor needs to suggest a list of good international journals for the publication of scholars’ research work. But some time scholar has to do this job hence they might be puzzled with a basic question how to publish a research paper in international journal. This article focus to resolve this query of scholars who need basic guidance for journal selection and submission of papers in journals.

Selection of journal depends on following important points:

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  1. ISSN number should be valid either print or online. It’s an eight character ID.
  2. The life of a journal should be at least 5 years old, as old journals increase the citation of paper very easily, due to a large number of subscribers/followers.
  3. Each volume issue should have papers from more than one country.
  4. Scholars should beware of publication, processing fees as well. Sometimes this fees or charges are hidden but later it cut your pocket with a huge amount.
  5. Journal indexing should be present in more than three valid sites.
  6. Editorial board member’s profiles should be strong.
  7. Check paper processing time as well, as some of the journals take months as well.
  8. Scholar papers should match the journal profile or publishing area. If the publishing area does not match then the journal rejects a paper that might waste your time.

Submission of research paper in international journal has following cross checkpoints:

  1. Check journal format, and submit a paper in format.
  2. Check paper diagrams or figures as zoom operation on it may not blur the content.
  3. Submit complete detail of the corresponding author correctly, as the journal communicates through the mention mail id or contact number.
  4. The abstract should be clear and orient towards paperwork. This clarity help editor processes the paper to the right reviewer, which ultimately reduces processing time.
  5. Finally, wait for the journal response after submission it takes few days to review. Review report of paper might be ok, or ok with minor /major revision, or reject with some suggestion to the author to increase paper quality. The author should improve the paper accordingly and resubmit the paper for final acceptance.

Hope this article helps scholars to resolve their query on how to publish a research paper in international journal. As submission of the paper should follow journal selection criteria, so mention all related important points to help scholars for improving the understanding of journal selection and publication.

List Of Journal Without Publication Fee

22 Mar

As a researcher you may have worked hard for months and years to finish with your research work and finally must have arrived at a stage to search for a List Of Journal Without Publication Fee. These days due to availability of several journals of different domains and standards, it has become confusing to choose the best suitable journal that meets all your needs and make your hard work successful.

Paper Publication Charges

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You should also know the fact that if you submit the paper in the wrong journal you will not receive the complete benefits of your work. Submitting paper in wrong journals will-

  • Degrade the quality of your work no matter how good your research is
  • The journal that you have selected by mistake tends to showcase paper on other areas and have an audience related to that area. So they might not be interested in viewing and commenting on your paper and your paper will not have enough views.
  • There might also be a possibility that the particular journal that you have selected will not publish your paper and so your time will also be wasted.

ISJET wants to share some of its experience as a genuine and professional journal for selecting the best journal from the available list of the journal without publication fee-

  1. Once you find any journal go through the scope and aims of the journal.
  2. Try to understand their guide to authors section in detail
  3. Many journals work on the basis of inviting the authors to publish the articles in their journal, so check whether this journal belongs to such a category.
  4. If you are planning to publish your research work on open access, check that the [particular journal provides open access publication facility.
  5. Check whether the journal publishes work related to your field and whether they submit work in your format or not(articles, research paper, etc), if yes then proceed further
  6. Always submit your research paper to one journal at one time for better results.
  7. You can also check the reviews of that particular journal to examine its performance.

Hope that now you are ready to select the suitable journals from the List of Journal without Publication Fee to maximize the chances of publication of your research paper.


Google Scholar Journal List

7 Mar

Tips to Submit Your First Research Paper in Google Scholar Journals

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In case you are one of those researchers who are searching Google scholar journal list for submitting their work for the first time. Here are a few of the tips from IJSET that a researcher will found useful for publishing their paper successfully. You should also know that writing a research paper is quite an interesting process and one should write a research paper in a relaxed state of mind and with full confidence as it is natural to have anxiety and stress during writing.

Google scholar journals- How to write a good research paper

Write First and Edit Later:

Always emphasize writing your thought about the topic and do not worry you can edit the words later. By this, you will be able to explain the concept more effectively to your readers. You may correct the English usage, punctuation errors, etc. later.

Explain the Importance of Your Work:

It is a good approach to explain the importance of your work including its real-time advantage. Google scholar journals often prefer such research that emphasizes solving any real-time problems.

Use Tables and Pictures:

Pictures and tables in your research play an important role in your research paper. Readers get more knowledge of your research and attempts if you include informative pictures, and tables to explain the concept.

Read the paper again and again:

This is also one of the best ways to make the quality of your research paper better before searching the Google scholar journal list for the publishing of your paper. You can also make your friends/colleagues’/professors also for this.

Journal of Advanced Scientific Research

7 Mar

Some common Concepts for Journal of Advanced Scientific Research

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After months and years of hard work finally, a researcher reaches a stage where he needs to search for a perfect journal of advanced scientific research. For this, a researcher scrolls through various journals that are available on the internet. For such people, there are some facts that you have to check about what is the demand for a particular journal. IJSET wants to share some of our expert opinions with our authors.

Types of Research Articles in Journal of Advanced Scientific Research

Several journals publish research of a particular format some of the prominent ones that the journal expects from the researchers are-

  1. Original articles: these are in-depth research of any in any of the scientific disciplines.
  2. Short communications: these types of work should be in a complete format. It is recommended that the total number of tables and figures should not be more than 6 along with the word limit of three thousand.
  3. Review articles: should be less than ten thousand words and should possess a well-structured abstract with references. A researcher has to pay attention to the explanation part of his research paper as it will be checked.
  4. Mini-reviews: these are special reviews that contain a review from a recent topic and are discussed in a focused manner while keeping the word limit as well.
  5. Special reports: should contain an overview on any topics especially in case of clinical topics.

We hope that now you are well aware of the different types of research papers and the format in which they have to present in any journal. Following all such rules, you can easily get your paper to publish in any leading Journal of Advanced Scientific Research.

Peer Reviewed Journal List

7 Mar

Importance of Peer Reviewed Journal List

Many important discoveries and scientific research are important aspects for any individual or society. This is the reason why such research needs to undergo a stage called peer reviewed journal. It is important to check the facts and the work of a researcher and after confirming his work. The proposed technique is said to be unique and valid.

Types of Peer reviewed journal

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The first stage when any researcher submits his research paper in any peer reviewed journals is that  it undergoes a preliminary stage where the editor checks the paper and decides whether to reject or send it further for the peer review stage where it undergoes a deep review process. Such peer reviews are generally of two types-

  1. Single blind peer review
  2. Double blind peer review

In single-blind peer review, the name of the person who is reviewing the paper is kept hidden from the author while in double-blind peer review the researcher both the party reviewer and scholars are unaware of each other profile.

Apart from this, there is also a difference in the level of review of the paper some journals use an additional and high level of plagiarism software, some organize the reviews as per the researchers view on his work, while some checks whether the conclusion or result are actual or has been manipulated. These reviewers play a critical role in granting any research work.

IJSET is the popular ones in any peer reviewed journals list in India and have been providing the services to researchers for years. The submitting process of paper in these journals is easier and one can expect a quick response and keep positive hope for the publishing of research paper.

List of journals published in India

10 Feb

Article Processing Charges for Publication

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Submitting your journal carelessly to any list of journal publishers in India is one of the most common mistakes that researchers do. And due to this many editors of these journals often reject the manuscript of the researchers without reviewing. Choosing the Indian journals list with impact factor is essential for your paper to give you the best results. Some of the vital factors to make your manuscript more likely to be published are-

  1. The core topics that the list of peer-reviewed journals in India publishes should match with your topic. For example, if your research is on some branch of engineering or technology try to browse the list of Indian engineering journals on Google. You will find several related journals there hence your chances of publication of your paper will be more on such journals.
  2. The audience that is related to the journal should be interested in your field of research for better exposure of your work both on a domestic and international level.
  3. Ensure the types of articles that the journal publishes such as theorem, case study, or reviews. This will generate more chances for your paper to be accepted
  4. Go through the journal’s website well so that you can know the reputation, prestige, and level of research paper they deal with.
  5. Always know the time duration of your journal that it takes to publish any paper.

IJSET and IJSRET are best in the Indian journals list with impact factor, they are professional in their work and takes reasonable time to publish your research paper. They accept research from the field of electronics, computer science, nanotechnology, machine learning, civil, and many more.

journal publication fees rs 500

28 Oct

As the fact, that all the fields in science and technology are having their specific role and education apart from their core branch, just as we observed commonly in the field of doctorates and medical branches. Same as engineering fields having the wild area and detailed syllabus about the specific separated from the core. Civil, Computer, mechanical, material engineering is same as about tributary of the engineering river which has more other branches. Engineering is the bones and muscles building of any building or Technology monument or architectural structure. Thus, the journal of international journal rs 500 for the authors who are doing masters, graduation, doctorates to print their work.

Article Processing Charges for Publication

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For the choosing of the internationals journal fees rs 500 have mainly focused on the impact factor of the journal and their research topics. Journals of engineering mostly have the research done in the fields of the applied mechanics, material science and applied mathematics etc.but though also there are few points other than the impact factor which every publisher or student need to be checked before selecting journal of structural engineering:

  1. The journal selected must have the legal authority of the publishing and all the registration completed of international certifications.
  2. The international journal must have the own unique identification number allotted by the international committee of the national institute.
  3. The international journals shall allow to access the journal open access and without the fees of accessing.
  4. The journal selected must be old enough to have the identity in the field of at-least five years.
  5. The journals must issue the volumes and issues bi-monthly or monthly, otherwise have to wait too long.

The international journals are available abundantly in the market but choosing a suitable journal for the research work is difficult, for these above points may help somewhat. But there must be some allowances of the fees in the journal registration ad selection process, as every student of the publisher is not able to pay. And very few researchers get sponsorship from the companies, so for this choice with the minimum charges journal and having a negligible fees journal.

International Journal Publication Fee 500

28 Oct

Budding authors mostly categorized journals into two types that are the paid journal or the free journal. In this free publication charge journal is the journal which issues only expenses charge not the publishing fee. Because every student didn’t have such fees to pay for the paid journals, or lack of funds in their research work make them do so. While the journals which issue only the registration fees making publication cost negligible make them help such students to bear the expenses. Though the free publication charge journal has minimized the charges, these types of the journal doesn’t guarantee the high impact factor.

As a publisher, every aspirant author checks the impact factor of the journal at first and then the fees of the journal or the entire process. In this process, if that author found at-least one of the things suitable and convenient the other, then that journal is chosen by the author. But due to the free charges, most of the free publication charge journal are time taking and process delaying journals. Due to this students’ time gets wasted in the whole process and has to wait for the publication too long. so international journal publication fee 500 has the following qualities.

Article Processing Charges for Publication

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Apart from the fees, there are some points that need to be checked:

  • Checking the legal proofs of the journal and the identity unique number that every journal has; it signifies it significance.
  • Age of the journal that is the year of the publication it started, must be at-least five years and above.
  • Then the checking of the reviewers’ team o the evaluation committee, which are accepting the paper proposal and checking the research work. That team must be that much liable and experienced.
  • The next is to check the impact factor of the journal that is targeted and that must be high. The journal must be potential enough to match the standards.
  • They must issue the certificates on time without delay, also the online certificates to the distant students.