Google Scholar Peer Reviewed

11 Sep

Scholars, researchers and academicians in different fields of research carry out research and publication work from time to time. They often look for good indexing like google scholar peer reviewed  journals to publish their research papers and articles. Scholars who just initiated their research journey didn’t have much idea about what is right and beneficial for their research publications. 

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This blog contains why one should go with google scholar peer reviewed journals for their upcoming research paper or article publication, advantages of publishing in a peer review journal register at google scholar and more.

How to check if a journal is peer reviewed or not?

Academicians and researchers should check whether the journal is actually offering peer reviewing or it’s just working as decoration on the website. To inspect this, scholars can visit the editorial page and reviewer list (if available). They should check whether the journal has editors and reviewers related to their research areas or not. Because if they didn’t even have an editor or reviewer in the same field then how would they review the paper in the first place? So checking the editorial board and reviewer list would help in selecting the best for research publication.

How to check indexing of a journal?

Many journals attract academic and research individuals to publish papers on the basis of indexing. Individuals can try the following points to know whether  the indexing names shown by the journal on the website is true or fake. 

  • Go to the journal’s official website and search the indexing or abstract page of that journal.
  • Click on indexing; it will redirect you to the journal’s indexing page.
  • Find google scholar indexing and click on the image or link provided by the journal.
  • If the link (google scholar) redirect you to the journal’s profile page on the indexing website or reflect the name of the journal with its link then the indexing of the particular is correct. 
  • In case of fake indexing, the journal does not provide the redirection to the website. 
  • This is how one can simplify the indexing identification.

Why google scholar peer reviewed journals?

A peer reviewed journal is a journal which publishes research papers and articles after a rigorous reviewing process which is done by scholars having expertise in the related field. 

Advantages of publishing a research paper or article in a peer review journal are as follows:

Peer reviewing

  • Highlight the mistakes so that authors can make corrections and improve the quality of the research paper.
  • Ideas to do things in a better way.
  • Provide inputs that can be used for next research.
  • Identify flows and suggest improvement.

Google scholar

  • Increase the number of Citations.
  • Easy to search on google anytime.
  • Easy to cite or refer.
  • Increase the readability.

Scholars are free to visit other websites as well to find the peer review journals as per their research domains.