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10 Feb

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Submitting your journal carelessly to any list of journal publishers in India is one of the most common mistakes that researchers do. And due to this many editors of these journals often reject the manuscript of the researchers without reviewing. Choosing the Indian journals list with impact factor is essential for your paper to give you the best results. Some of the vital factors to make your manuscript more likely to be published are-

  1. The core topics that the list of peer-reviewed journals in India publishes should match with your topic. For example, if your research is on some branch of engineering or technology try to browse the list of Indian engineering journals on Google. You will find several related journals there hence your chances of publication of your paper will be more on such journals.
  2. The audience that is related to the journal should be interested in your field of research for better exposure of your work both on a domestic and international level.
  3. Ensure the types of articles that the journal publishes such as theorem, case study, or reviews. This will generate more chances for your paper to be accepted
  4. Go through the journal’s website well so that you can know the reputation, prestige, and level of research paper they deal with.
  5. Always know the time duration of your journal that it takes to publish any paper.

IJSET and IJSRET are best in the Indian journals list with impact factor, they are professional in their work and takes reasonable time to publish your research paper. They accept research from the field of electronics, computer science, nanotechnology, machine learning, civil, and many more.