VOLUME 6 Issue 2

5 Mar

Experimental Study of Strength and Behaviour of Clayey Soil using Sawdust Ash and Lime

Authors- Asst. Prof. Jeron.R, UG Student Saajan Simon, UG Student Sobu Geevarghese Thampan, UG Student Romy Philip, UG Student Shibin Varghese

Abstract- This study assesses the geotechnical characteristics of lateritic soil and sawdust ash lime (SDAL) mixtures. Preliminary tests were carried out on the natural soil sample for identification and classification purposes. The sawdust was mixed with lime for stabilization in the ratio 2:1. This mixture was thereafter added to the lateritic soil in varying proportions of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10% by weight of soil. The main objective of the project was to study about stabilization of clayey soil using Saw Dust Ash and Lime. Index properties of parent soil, Atterberg Limits, compaction characteristics and UCC of both parent soil and soil treated with saw dust ash and lime were found out. All the tests were conducted by following the Indian standards guidelines. It was found that the utilization of the industrial wastes like saw dust ash is an alternative to stabilize the soil for various construction purposes however this study clearly shows that when an activator like lime is added to the sawdust ash the results are very encouraging. One can easily realize after the results that with small percentage of activator, SDA an industrial waste can be efficiently used in soil stabilization. This can reduce construction cost of the roads particularly in the rural areas of developing countries like India.

A Study of The increasing Slum Population In India And Its Effects On The Livlehood Of Urban Areas In Terms Of Geographical Perspective

Authors- Dr. K.C. Sharma, Lecturer

Abstract- While India’s economy continues to boom since the last so many decades and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Mission) entering into second year, it’s 360 million poorest citizens remain among those living in some of the most dilapidated conditions in the world. The slums have become the indispensable and dark side of our country, which we can’t boast of are the slums. Due to rising population, the number of slum dwellers rising in Indian cities. Slums area always lack by some basic necessities of Life clean water, electricity and sanitation. The inhabitants are mostly rickshaw puller, sex workers, seasonal small vendors, house maid servants with a family income ranging from a meager Rs.1500 to Rs.3000. After a hard and low-earning working day, most of the men spend their daily earnings on homemade illicit liquor. Status of woman’s in slum is not respect ful, they used to do prostitution to full fill their basic needs to survive. The slum population is constantly increasing: it has doubled in the past two decades.