13 Jan

A Review on CFD Analysis of Effects of Convergence and Divergence Angles on the Performance of a Nozzle

Authors- M.Tech. Scholar Vishwajeet Yadav, Prof. Pawan Kumar Tiwari

Abstract- The effects of convergence and divergence half-angles on the performance of a nozzle at the different pressure ratios are investigated numerically. The design parameters for the configuration of the baseline nozzle geometry have chosen. The baseline geometry was modified by changing the convergence angle (h) from 10°, 20°. 30°, 40°and 50° and divergence angle (b) from 5°, 7°, 10°, 15° and 20° while the parameters he (exit area) and hi(throat area) are kept constant. For a parametric study, convergence angle and divergence angle has been changed. All special conditions of the nozzle performance. SST k – ω turbulence model is applied to simulate the compressible gas flow inside the nozzle and its exhaust plume.