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25 Jan

Students, scholars, researchers and other academicians likely do research and write research papers and articles related to their research. People from research and academic backgrounds need to publish their research work for different purposes. It can be getting a degree, career advancement, promotions etc. They have to publish their research work to sustain and grab more opportunities in the field.

Writing and publishing are two different paths. Journals play an important role in presenting the research work of these individuals in front of a larger audience so that people from that area of research and others can be aware of the latest research findings. 

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Free and fast publication journals help them in fetching the opportunities they desire and provide a platform to showcase their research globally.  There are many journals that provide free publication services but as it said nothing is free in the world so they take our precious time. It will take at least 4-6  months to publish a research paper for free at any journal that publishes for free. At present there is no one who has that much time to spend waiting. Almost everyone prefers things to be done in no time so that they can utilize the remaining time for other work.  

Most of the journals that provide fast publications, charge some amount for the facilities they are providing to reduce the processing time needed for publishing the research papers and articles like, editing, formatting, reviewing etc. In some cases the article processing fees are so high that it can’t be afforded by average people.

So if you are looking for journals that provide free and fast publications then you have to wait for some time or improve your research paper or article quality or seek some good journal that provides fast publications with lower charges.

If you opt for the second option then we would like to suggest a good indexing journal that also provides fast publication with lower charges.

This journal’s name is International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology (IJSET). It is an open access international journal which publishes research papers and articles in the field of Science, Engineering, Technology, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Although it’s a paid journal, it doesn’t publish all types of journals in terms of quality. This journal supports authenticity and prefers quality over quantity. Its review time is less than 5 days which makes its processing time less compared to other journals providing the same.

Apart from that this journal also provides the editing and formatting facility to authors in the given fees and won’t charge extra if the number of authors in a research paper or article are more than 5.

At last if you want to publish your research in the fields mentioned above then just apply for publishing a manuscript at this journal’s website and feel free to ask any query related to the publications.