Sites For Publishing Research Papers

2 Aug

Research is continuous process in  any field of engineering, science, technology, etc. So sites for publishing research papers are welcome scholars, authors to present there content on there portal. International Standard Serial Number is a organisation which provide licence to publish paper in respective fields. Hence author should cross check authorization of any site for publication. Some of basic point of publisher has to mention on sites are:

  1. ISSN Number (E-ISSSN for online, P-ISSN Print)
  2. Current Volume and Issue for publication
  3. Archives (List of previous publication)
  4. Impact Factor
  5. Publication Charges
  6. Submission mail-id for further reference
  7. Digital certificates after publication

So best journals to publish research papers with low publication cost can approach to following links:

Submit Paper Online Free

Paper Publication Charges


As budding researcher need to understand for new journals in case if mentor do not mention for any. Most of case those researcher look for less time and money sites but above point help you to select good sites for publishing research paper.