Top Journals to Publish Research Papers

13 Nov

International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology (IJSET) has stated some of the essential point which describes that whether a journal holds a top place in top journals to publish research papers. While publishing a research paper in any journal a researcher should check whether the journal in which a researcher is publishing his paper has an International standard serial number (ISSN) number. ISSN number is an 8 digit number which is given by ISSN International centre. Those journals which are having an ISSN number only they are considered as an international journal to publish research paper. Researchers must check some following points if they want to publish a paper in an international journal.

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  • Journal should have an ISSN number- Without having an ISSN number a journal will not considered as an international journal. So before publishing your paper an author must ISSN number of that journal which is mentioned on their site.
  • Journal should have a high impact factor.
  • Journal should have a valid payment gateway.
  • Journal should be at least three years old.
  • Journal should have a reviewer list on their website.
  • Journal should have proper guidelines to follow on their website.
  • Journal should have a great chat support.
  • Journal should have a copy right form and paper format on their website.
  • Journal should have a fast publication system.
  • Journal should have a proper submission form.
  • Journal should mention about the indexing on their website.

To become a top journals to publish research papers the above given point are required to be there in any journal. If journals are not having any of the above points it may hold a place as an international journal but it will never come under the category of top journals to publish research papers. Apart from the above point a journal should also have a fast reviewer response. Fast reviewer response is a part of fast publication. If a journal is giving fast reviewer response it will help a journal to become top journals to publish research papers. IJSET provides all the above facilities to the researchers or authors. That’s why IJSET is considered good journal to publish research paper. Impact factor of our website is also very high and the process of publishing the paper is also very fast. The process of submitting the paper to our journal is very simple and fast.