How to get a Research Paper Published

4 Feb

Have you spent months or years working on your research project sacrificing your sleep to complete your research? Finally, it’s the time when all your hard work will be paid soon after you publish your research paper. For this, you should know the suitable steps regarding how to publish a research paper or else all your effort will be ruin.

Here are some of the steps you should consider regarding how to publish a paper

Article Processing Charges for Publication

Online Paper Submission Quick Link

  1. Browse all the Legit Journals
  2. Choose the Journal that fits you the best
  3. Understand the submission process carefully
  4. Always write a convincing journal cover letter

How to publish a paper- Submission Advice

It is always recommended to submit one journal at a time as most of the journals refuse to publish the article in their journal if the article is considered for publication in other journals. Most of the publications want that the researchers need to declare that their work has not been considered for publishing in other journals.

The scholarly publishing industry is quite huge and there are thousands of journals available to choose from. You should choose the best which provides you the publishing services at low cost and efficient services. IJSET has been found to meet the entire requirement as per public review and hundreds of satisfied researchers are happy with the services they offer.