Where Can I Publish my Research Paper

9 Feb

Young scholars always need guidance to select a topic, adopt the methodology for implementation, tools, etc. Most of the questions resolved by research papers but one important question like where can I publish my research paper depends on different factors. As per the research topic journals are categorize for publication further some journals do not accept surveys or review papers so before submission, the scholar has to check these factors.

Article Processing Charges for Publication

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So submitting your work for publication in any Journal is an important step. This will make your work online and help you to connect with other researchers or scholars. There are many options as to where can I publish my research paper in India. But it is important to choose the right journal that reflects your work. Journal selection depends on different parameters

  1. Check journal area of publication, as per few published papers in the previous volume, issues.
  2. Check the flow of your paper matching published paper, as some time editor reject the paper because of improper content flow in the paper.
  3. The frequency of publication plays an important role as this directly affects publication time, try to select a bi-monthly journal.
  4. Raise a query of paper processing time before submission as some journals take 6 months to 1 year for review, this time is quite tough for a young scholar.
  5. Journal publication charges are always a crucial part for scholars, as most universities do not provide funds for publication. Hence check it very closely before submission, some time journals ask for payment after paper acceptance as well. So reviews of journals are also needed to check before hard work submission.
  6. Finally follow submission instructions of the journal as the paper may reject due to poor quality graphs, figures, etc.

Hope these points help you to select a good journal. I suggest to join some community sites for researcher their you find good answers for most of queries. Keep inform your mentor for the journal as well. A scholar who has just started their work should not try for big banner journals as writing skills improved with time, hence first publish in an average journal to boost confidence.