How to Publish a Research Paper in International Journal

31 Mar

The mentor needs to suggest a list of good international journals for the publication of scholars’ research work. But some time scholar has to do this job hence they might be puzzled with a basic question how to publish a research paper in international journal. This article focus to resolve this query of scholars who need basic guidance for journal selection and submission of papers in journals.

Selection of journal depends on following important points:

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  1. ISSN number should be valid either print or online. It’s an eight character ID.
  2. The life of a journal should be at least 5 years old, as old journals increase the citation of paper very easily, due to a large number of subscribers/followers.
  3. Each volume issue should have papers from more than one country.
  4. Scholars should beware of publication, processing fees as well. Sometimes this fees or charges are hidden but later it cut your pocket with a huge amount.
  5. Journal indexing should be present in more than three valid sites.
  6. Editorial board member’s profiles should be strong.
  7. Check paper processing time as well, as some of the journals take months as well.
  8. Scholar papers should match the journal profile or publishing area. If the publishing area does not match then the journal rejects a paper that might waste your time.

Submission of research paper in international journal has following cross checkpoints:

  1. Check journal format, and submit a paper in format.
  2. Check paper diagrams or figures as zoom operation on it may not blur the content.
  3. Submit complete detail of the corresponding author correctly, as the journal communicates through the mention mail id or contact number.
  4. The abstract should be clear and orient towards paperwork. This clarity help editor processes the paper to the right reviewer, which ultimately reduces processing time.
  5. Finally, wait for the journal response after submission it takes few days to review. Review report of paper might be ok, or ok with minor /major revision, or reject with some suggestion to the author to increase paper quality. The author should improve the paper accordingly and resubmit the paper for final acceptance.

Hope this article helps scholars to resolve their query on how to publish a research paper in international journal. As submission of the paper should follow journal selection criteria, so mention all related important points to help scholars for improving the understanding of journal selection and publication.