List Of Journal Without Publication Fee

22 Mar

As a researcher you may have worked hard for months and years to finish with your research work and finally must have arrived at a stage to search for a List Of Journal Without Publication Fee. These days due to availability of several journals of different domains and standards, it has become confusing to choose the best suitable journal that meets all your needs and make your hard work successful.

Paper Publication Charges

Submit Paper /Manuscript Submission

You should also know the fact that if you submit the paper in the wrong journal you will not receive the complete benefits of your work. Submitting paper in wrong journals will-

  • Degrade the quality of your work no matter how good your research is
  • The journal that you have selected by mistake tends to showcase paper on other areas and have an audience related to that area. So they might not be interested in viewing and commenting on your paper and your paper will not have enough views.
  • There might also be a possibility that the particular journal that you have selected will not publish your paper and so your time will also be wasted.

ISJET wants to share some of its experience as a genuine and professional journal for selecting the best journal from the available list of the journal without publication fee-

  1. Once you find any journal go through the scope and aims of the journal.
  2. Try to understand their guide to authors section in detail
  3. Many journals work on the basis of inviting the authors to publish the articles in their journal, so check whether this journal belongs to such a category.
  4. If you are planning to publish your research work on open access, check that the [particular journal provides open access publication facility.
  5. Check whether the journal publishes work related to your field and whether they submit work in your format or not(articles, research paper, etc), if yes then proceed further
  6. Always submit your research paper to one journal at one time for better results.
  7. You can also check the reviews of that particular journal to examine its performance.

Hope that now you are ready to select the suitable journals from the List of Journal without Publication Fee to maximize the chances of publication of your research paper.