International Journal Publication Fee 500

28 Oct

Budding authors mostly categorized journals into two types that are the paid journal or the free journal. In this free publication charge journal is the journal which issues only expenses charge not the publishing fee. Because every student didn’t have such fees to pay for the paid journals, or lack of funds in their research work make them do so. While the journals which issue only the registration fees making publication cost negligible make them help such students to bear the expenses. Though the free publication charge journal has minimized the charges, these types of the journal doesn’t guarantee the high impact factor.

As a publisher, every aspirant author checks the impact factor of the journal at first and then the fees of the journal or the entire process. In this process, if that author found at-least one of the things suitable and convenient the other, then that journal is chosen by the author. But due to the free charges, most of the free publication charge journal are time taking and process delaying journals. Due to this students’ time gets wasted in the whole process and has to wait for the publication too long. so international journal publication fee 500 has the following qualities.

Article Processing Charges for Publication

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Apart from the fees, there are some points that need to be checked:

  • Checking the legal proofs of the journal and the identity unique number that every journal has; it signifies it significance.
  • Age of the journal that is the year of the publication it started, must be at-least five years and above.
  • Then the checking of the reviewers’ team o the evaluation committee, which are accepting the paper proposal and checking the research work. That team must be that much liable and experienced.
  • The next is to check the impact factor of the journal that is targeted and that must be high. The journal must be potential enough to match the standards.
  • They must issue the certificates on time without delay, also the online certificates to the distant students.