journal publication fees rs 500

28 Oct

As the fact, that all the fields in science and technology are having their specific role and education apart from their core branch, just as we observed commonly in the field of doctorates and medical branches. Same as engineering fields having the wild area and detailed syllabus about the specific separated from the core. Civil, Computer, mechanical, material engineering is same as about tributary of the engineering river which has more other branches. Engineering is the bones and muscles building of any building or Technology monument or architectural structure. Thus, the journal of international journal rs 500 for the authors who are doing masters, graduation, doctorates to print their work.

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For the choosing of the internationals journal fees rs 500 have mainly focused on the impact factor of the journal and their research topics. Journals of engineering mostly have the research done in the fields of the applied mechanics, material science and applied mathematics etc.but though also there are few points other than the impact factor which every publisher or student need to be checked before selecting journal of structural engineering:

  1. The journal selected must have the legal authority of the publishing and all the registration completed of international certifications.
  2. The international journal must have the own unique identification number allotted by the international committee of the national institute.
  3. The international journals shall allow to access the journal open access and without the fees of accessing.
  4. The journal selected must be old enough to have the identity in the field of at-least five years.
  5. The journals must issue the volumes and issues bi-monthly or monthly, otherwise have to wait too long.

The international journals are available abundantly in the market but choosing a suitable journal for the research work is difficult, for these above points may help somewhat. But there must be some allowances of the fees in the journal registration ad selection process, as every student of the publisher is not able to pay. And very few researchers get sponsorship from the companies, so for this choice with the minimum charges journal and having a negligible fees journal.