Very Fast Publication Journal

5 Mar

IJSET Very fast publication journal is a worldwide journal that publishes study articles in areas of science and engineering. IJSET is an international journal intended for communication between professionals and researchers in all fields of science and engineering. Very fast publication journal is aimed to provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas and findings from researchers and encourages research on the science and engineering. It also seeks to promote the transfer of knowledge between professionals in academia and industry by emphasizing research in which results are of interest or applicable to practices. The journal publishes original research papers; review papers; technical papers and notes; short communications; discussion on papers; cases studies; special issues on selected topics reflecting important advances in the general field of science and engineering.

Authors will receive the following benefits in IJSET Very fast publication journal:

Paper Submission for Fast Publication Link

Paper Publication Charges

  • Electronic submission of articles
  • On-line refereeing of all articles submitted in electronic form
  • Fast reviews
  • Rapid times to publication
  • No page charges
  • Free color where justified
  • Distinguished editorial board
  • Availability in print and online editions

Duties of Reviewers

Contribution to Editorial Decisions

Very fast publication journal audit helps the writer and author in settling on article choices and through the publication workers with the writer may likewise help the author in improving the paper.



Any higher authority that feels not enough to audit the paper before publishing announced in a composition or realizes that its brief survey will be unimaginable need to inform the editorial manager and reason behind the correction of the paper.


Any original copies published for survey must be treated as classified records. They should not be appeared to or talked about with others aside from as approved by the editorial manager.

Confirmation of Sources

Researcher need to distinguish important distributed work that has not been refered to by the creators. Any explanation that a perception, deduction, or contention had been recently detailed need to be joined by the significant reference. A researcher need to likewise call to the supervisor’s consideration any generous closeness or cover between the original copy viable and some other distributed paper of which they have individual information.