Volume 5 Issue 6: 2017

5 Mar

An Inversion Algorithm for Subsurface Sensing Problem

Authors: 11Yijun Yu, 2Nailong Guo


1Department of Mathematics, Tuskegee University, AL, USA

22Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Benedict College, SC, USA


An inversion algorithm with Bayesian Formulation is considered for subsurface Sensing problem. The algorithm inverts the parameters of a heterogeneity profile based on measured scattering data. The Algorithm is developed based on assumption that there is a mismatch between the measured data and the model employed, with the error represented as a random process. The mean of the distribution may be used as a point estimate of the heterogeneity profile. Here the basic Bayesian inversion framework is presented, with example results presented for subsurface-sensing problems.

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Work-Related Stressors and Coping Strategies of Elementary Sped Teachers in Metro Manila

Authors – Dr. John Mark Distor

Abstract- – IThis study aspires to identify the work-related stressors and coping strategies of Elementary SPED (Special Education) Teachers around Metro Manila. It aims to determine the work-related stressors of SPED teachers, methods that they utilize to cope with given stressors, and if there is any significance between work-related stressors and coping strategies being experienced and utilized by the said demographics. The researchers used a self-constructed questionnaire that is validated by 2 Psychology experts, 1 Education expert, and 1 SPED teacher. Purposive sampling method was utilized, and the researchers have used survey methods to gather data, along with a semi-structured supporting interview. Weighted mean was used to identify which stressors among the given specifies had been the most stressful, and which coping strategies were the most effective. Chi Square Test of Independence or Fisher’s exact test was utilized to determine if there are any relationships between the demographic profile and work-related stressors and coping strategies, and work-related stressors and coping strategies. The study would raise awareness on the stressors that possibly affects the performance of SPED teachers. The findings could possibly reflect the needs and complaints of the SPED teachers, and the supervising officials could make adjustments in order to be effective and efficient leaders.