Volume 5 Issue 6: 2017

5 Mar

An Inversion Algorithm for Subsurface Sensing Problem

Authors: 11Yijun Yu, 2Nailong Guo


1Department of Mathematics, Tuskegee University, AL, USA

22Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Benedict College, SC, USA


An inversion algorithm with Bayesian Formulation is considered for subsurface Sensing problem. The algorithm inverts the parameters of a heterogeneity profile based on measured scattering data. The Algorithm is developed based on assumption that there is a mismatch between the measured data and the model employed, with the error represented as a random process. The mean of the distribution may be used as a point estimate of the heterogeneity profile. Here the basic Bayesian inversion framework is presented, with example results presented for subsurface-sensing problems.

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